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The Design & Industries Association is an organisation that was founded in 1915 by designers, businessmen and industrialists, and the slogan "Nothing Need be Ugly" changed the way products were designed and perceived by the public. Nowadays the Design and Industries Association organises visits, events, competitions and bursaries, and welcomes anyone who has an interest in design.

Funds have enabled various activities in association with the Design & Industries Association, which include The Melchett Awards For Design with Social Responsibility. The qualification was that the entry should meet a basic human need, be economical to produce and show some originality. Twenty four awards were given between 1976 and 1991.

The Design and Industries Association also has a trust: "For the advancement of knowledge to promote, organise and encourage education of the public in the appreciation of good design, more particularly in connection with things in everyday use, and for the purpose to hold lectures, exhibitions and to award bursaries and scholarships to students."